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Arik Shraga. Belarus. Minsk. Galina
Minsk. Galina
During the Second World War Galina was hiding along with her mother in forests, then with her grandmother in a village where she was laughed at by other children who called her “zhidovka” and “Jude”, but nevertheless nobody told Nazis that there was a Jewish girl hiding in their village.
Arik Shraga. Belarus. Bobrujsk. Valerij
Bobrujsk. Valerij
Valerij is extremely poor, many times beaten by fortune, absolutely lonely guy. Lots of wartime memories along with memories about his mom make him cry. He’s more than open with other people, he turns himself inside out, and looking at his cut-off fingers you catch yourself thinking that you can see his pulsing nerves.
Arik Shraga. Belarus. Minsk. Natalya
Minsk. Natalya
During a shelling a bomb exploded near the house and set it on fire. Natalya’s grandmother was bed bound and couldn’t escape, so her grandfather gathered his grandchildren, Natalya and her brother, and told them that they gonna die in the fire all together but they’re not going to leave granny alone.
Arik Shraga. Belarus. Gomel. Genja
Gomel. Genja
Right after graduating from school she was forced to take care of her mother whose health was broken during the war. After her mother has died her father got ill and she was taking care of him. She has buried her father and soon after that she has fallen and got femoral neck fracture.

Arik Shraga. Belarus. Vitebsk region. Mark
Vitebsk region. Mark
Psychiatrist, furniture master, constructor, author of own psychological methods, inventor of wind generators, and more. “When you called me 3 days ago and told that you gonna come I hesitated to tell you but I was just let out of Intensive Care unit and moved to a hospital floor. I had a heart attack! So what?”