In 2008, right after graduating from the St. Petersburg Photojournalism Faculty I jumped deep into the documentary photography and never took a break since. I began shooting my long-term personal projects, worked for newspapers and magazines, participated in exhibitions.

In 2011 I moved from Russia to Israel and at the same time from photojournalism to humanitarian photography. Humanitarian photography is a unique specialty in which a photographer is capable of impacting the lives of those who need help. I'm making photo projects for humanitarian funds, a lot of field work happens in the former Soviet Union. I'm telling stories of people in distress. I'm basically relaying their SOS signals, and I know for sure that these signals, amplified by the strong visual images, will be heard. The calls will be answered. This is the reason why after having internalized thousands of dramas I'm eager to keep doing my job. 

Besides humanitarian photography, I'm often busy shooting the beauty created by the scene arts masters: musicians, dancers, theatre performers. I love working with different clients, including creative people. I love when collaboration results in something special, meaningful and unforgettable.

Please make sure to tell me which photographic project you have on your mind, and we'll decide on the best way of its implementation.

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