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Almaty. Nikita
Nikita suffers from cerebral palsy. He wants to become a software programmer. His best friends are 2 sisters living next door.
Almaty. Nikita
Nikita is full of self-irony. "I am photographed! I am a star!" he shouts to his friend over the phone.
Almaty. Taisia’s flat
Taisia's flat tells about its host's poverty.
Almaty. Artem
Artem is 14 but all home duties are on his shoulders. He also takes care of his bed bound grandpa. He is with his mother on this picture. She is alcoholic. A month after this shot was taken she died.
Almaty. Fanja
Fanja is 90 and she's got a handsome boyfriend. Her great-granddaughters envy.
Almaty. Kirill
When he was an 8 months old baby his mother, alcohol abuser, has locked him alone at home. During several days Kirill was eating semolina he managed to crawl to. When no semolina left he started to eat his own excrements. Finally neighbors heard that he’s crying too long and called police. Kirill lives with his grandfather's sister, he calls her "mom". His biological mother was deprived of parental rights and later killed by her drinking companions.
Almaty. At Kirill’s home
Almaty. Ali
Ali's father divorced his mother and forced her to leave a dormitory where they used to live. Now Ali lives with his mom at grandmother's flat. The grandma progressively loses her vision.
Almaty. Nina
Nina is a professional artist. She never had an own studio: “I was told many years that I’m too young to have a studio, then I was told that it’s time to make way for the young”. Now she cannot work because of health problems.
Almaty. Nina