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Arik Shraga. Moldova. Chishinau. Anna
Chishinau. Anna
Anna is mentally ill and asocial. Her best friend is a small toy mouse called Shunya. She has a bad eyesight and when she can’t find Shunya under her hand she gets extremely annoyed and upset.
Arik Shraga. Moldova. Chishinau. Ilya
Chishinau. Ilya
Ilya suffers from autism. He hides himself in an armchair in the corner of the room and spends there most of the time.
Arik Shraga. Moldova. Chishinau. Vova and his mom
Chishinau. Vova and his mom
Vova is often gets sick. He is afraid of people coming to his house thinking that they’re either doctors or people who can infect him.
Arik Shraga. Moldova. Chishinau. Aurelia and her kids
Chishinau. Aurelia and her kids
Aurelia is a lonely mother of 2 kids. There is only one sleeping place in their tiny flat. Her daughter sleeps there and she sleeps with her son on the floor.
Arik Shraga. Moldova. Chishinau. Katja and Nastja
Chishinau. Katja and Nastja
When these twins were 3 years old they jumped out of a 3rd floor window. Luckily they didn’t get any serious injuries.
Arik Shraga. Moldova. Twin sisters
Twin sisters
Arik Shraga. Moldova. Chishinau. Varja, Sonja, Ivan
Chishinau. Varja, Sonja, Ivan
After living for a year in Israel, the mother and her 3 kids returned back to Chishinau. She plans to divorce soon.
Arik Shraga. Moldova. Orhei. Sergei
Orhei. Sergei
Sergey suffers from Down syndrome. He lives in awful conditions in a house without even a toilet but he’s surrounded by love and care of his parents and elder sister.