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Dushanbe. Raisa
After she has lost her job she didn’t have any income during 8 long starving years.
Dushanbe. Yulian and Anna
Yulian doesn’t trust doctors and Anna is afraid that she gonna lose him just because of his contumacy.
Dushanbe. Liza
“I’ve got everything: both tea and scone!”
Dushanbe. Galina
“I have a real disaster with my winter boots”. Charity organization is ready to solve this problem but there are no official shoes stores in Dushanbe.
Besides that Galina has got a real disaster with her eyes but she never complains.
Dushanbe cemetery. Zulun
Zulun is a hereditary grave-digger at a Jewish cemetery. He works there and lives there, in a watchman's lodge.
Dushanbe. Zulun
Zulun's flat is empty and desolate. He prefers to share a watchman's lodge at a cemetery with two other workers.