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Kherson. Dima
Before Dima received a routine immunization at the age of 3 in a kindergarten he was absolutely healthy kid. The immunization brought in an infection which slowly made Dima disabled. By age of 30 he became bed bound and cannot speak.

Update: In spring of 2015 Dima passed away. He was 32 years old.

// The picture is taken on assignment for "Joint" charity organization ( which provides Dima's lonely father with financial support and homecare services.
Kherson. Vitaly, Dima’s dad
Vitaly never shows to his son how exhausted and desperate he is. Only when he goes out of Dima's room, his face suddenly changes.
Kherson. Sasha and his mom
A family from Nikolaev
A family from Nikolaev
Olga and her kids
Olga is bringing up 3 kids alone and has very low income. However she organized a dog shelter in the backyard of her country house and rescues from homelessness a woman with a baby.
Valery’s flat after fire
Efim lives all alone in a tiny and crappy flat
Olga in her backyard
Sheiva is 93 but she remembers in all details the best receipt of gefilte fish.
Sheiva and her son
Sheiva's son suffers from severe form of diabetes and all his life spent with his mom.
Aron is lonely and blind. He suffers from psychiatric diseases.
Marianna's brother suffers from epilepsy. She's very upset with his future and socialization.
Recently there was a fire in Katya's flat
Lenja suffers from epilepsy
Nadya has been born with cataracts on both eyes.
Semen-Daniel suffers from autism
Her daughter was beaten by classmates because she lives in poverty