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Одесская область, 2016. Учитель на пенсии
"I'm not a strong woman but throughout all my life I had been dealing with men who needed my help, so I had to become strong". Her first husband was exposed to radiation during his Army service and died young of cancer. The second husband was seriously affected by the war in Afghanistan where he was sent to fight. She never had her own children by adopted and raised two. Now she is almost blind and lonely.
Киев. Мать двенадцати детей
Петербург. Несбывшиеся мечты
Eleonora's dreams were all about ballet. She devoted to it all her childhood and youth but was forced to leave. She ended up working at a post office, but never stopped admiring ballet and enjoying life.
Yuri and his sports equipment
Yuri was born with cerebral palsy. However, he overcame his disease and made himself a "Ninja from Kiev", master of multiple martial arts. He has numerous students who come to practice in his tiny room equipped with handmade implements.
Петербург. Мать двух аутистов
Kharkov. Rozalia
Rozalia lives absolutely alone in a private house withour running water. She is blind due to diabetes. Not only she didn't give, but she provided care for her seriously ill mother and even manages to use her sewing machine.
Kharkov. Angelina
Angelina's father is in jail. She spent with him only 3 months of her life.

// The picture is taken on assignment for "Joint" charity organization ( which provides Angelina and her grandmother with financial support and helps with managing after-school activities.
Kharkov. Vlasta
Vlasta resides with her husband and 4 kids in the slums of old Kharkov
Sumy. Raisa
Slavjansk. Elena
Elena is 80 years old. During the war of 2014 she stayed at home being unable to escape. No food, water, electricity, communications or medical services were available. She survived only thanks to Joint fund humanitarian help
Одесская область. Учитель на пенсии
Одесская область. Восстановление после инсульта
Одесская область. Восстановление после инсульта
Одесская область. Инженер-атомщик на пенсии
Одесская область
"I have a fridge but I don't turn it on. Otherwise I'd need to spend additional 10 hryvnas (0.3 USD) a month on electricity."
Одесская область. 90-летний беженец
Tbilisi. Irina
Irina is nearly blind but all the kids of the neighborhood love her and come to her. She gives free of charge English lessons
Almaty. Artem and his grandfather
Artem's grandpa is bed bound for 8 years already. He is alive only due to his grandson's support.
Riga. Alexander
After "Joint" charity fund had rescued Alexander's life he has organized two funds of his own
Head of Nevler family consisting of 10 children, 10 grandchildren and 3 adopted kids. They all reside in one house rebuilt from ruins by this man and his oldest son.
Vilnius. Dmitry
The only thing Dmitry is afraid of is Alzheimer disease. "Although when it will happen to me, I won't be able to notice", he jokes.
Nizhny Tagil. Vitaly
Vitaly was born with cerebral palsy but he studies at a regular school and is considered to be one of its best students
Yekaterinbrg. Albert
“Never in my life I ate tasty food. In the childhood I was starving and later I always had only low-quality meals at the factory where I had been working. The soup at the factory canteen reminded a thin broth, and the main course had always been just awful. So when I started to attend Hesed diet kitchen I couldn’t believe my own happiness. Never ever in my whole life I was offered so tasty food!”
She had been working all her life at a pharmacy despite of cerebral palsy evolved as a result of a disease she had in childhood. She can barely move around, and last 8 years she doesn't go out at all. She used to live with her parents until they passed away, all their life they were sharing one dense room of a communalka.